• Knowledge in Theory and Practice

    13 febrero, 2021 por

    As human beings, we all hold beliefs about which we feel so certain as to call them “knowledge” (n the sense of “knowledge-that”). Despite our confidence in these beliefs, in some future we might encounter information showing that they’re mistaken. We would then reevaluate these beliefs and say that they were never really knowledge; but… Leer más

  • On Desire; Its Motivations and Perversions

    9 noviembre, 2020 por

    It moves us. Motivates us. Pulls us along as if on strings. It has been called the cause of all suffering, and many people have fallen into misfortune for following its siren song. Seeing the problems desire can cause, some people call for its elimination. So long as we live, however, desire is inescapable, and… Leer más

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